About the project

Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus is one of the critically endangered species of Czech flora. Its natural occurrence is currently limited to only one site in the Czech Republic and artificially was also introduced and is maintained even on one other location. Therefore there was created the Action plan for Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus (hereinafter ZPZCHD) for its targeted protection. The purpose of this Action plan is to increase the size of the population above the level of the threat of extinction through using a combination of different types of proceedings. The aim of this project is to implement many of those proceedings, more specifically the Care about the species, Monitoring of the populations and four activities in the field of Research, Education and awareness. The proposed and implemented proceedings will support the existing populations and individuals in already known and proven way. And thanks to new findings from research can also bring valuable knowledge about the reproductive biology of the species and its relationship to other organisms, like herbivores, pollinators or other kinds of insects in general. Thus the new findings will contribute to more targeted protection of the populations of Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus.

This project (MGSII – 19) was realized since February 2015 to May 2016 and was supported by EHP funds 2009-2014 and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic with the sum of 913 249.81 CZK.